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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Early Fantasy Dynasty Outlook Towns

Fantasy Basketball Week 1 is complete and now it's time to share some appreciation for KAT. After the first 3 games of the season, Karl-Anthony Towns will get the love he deserves. KAT is currently #1 in 9-category leagues. Although It's too early to say he'll finish #1 in Fantasy Leagues this year, we shouldn't be surprised if he does. Multiple Fantasy Dynasty Experts had Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo ahead of KAT before this year started. Maybe that changes as this year progresses.

Karl-Anthony Towns #1 Pick

We know Karl Anthony-Towns is good, but maybe we should consider him more as a number 1 overall option in all formats. It's still ok to to draft Anthony Davis or Greek Freak ahead of KAT if you choose to do so, but why should we gravitate more towards Towns moving forward?

KAT's Durability

First of all, Durability has been key to his success. Entering in his 5th year, he has played a total of 321 out of 326 games. The ability to stay healthy is one of the best assets to have in Dynasty Basketball. Building long-term and getting that mix of right now production is delicious at the age of 23. Due to his current age, he's younger than the other Potential #1 Overall Dynasty picks. KAT's ceiling is scary because he has not even entered into his prime NBA years, which is typically around the ages of 26-31.

How much better can KAT get?

It's hard to imagine how much more he can improve with the talent around him. Points should be a given this year to improvement with Jimmy Butler gone and there's not many other players to score around him unless your name is Andrew "Inefficient" Wiggins (at least Andrew Wiggins will do some wonders for you in a points league). Timberwolves not only needs the scoring from KAT, but they need him to facilitate the ball. Wolves have Jeff Teague to run the point, but it also appears that KAT is not that far behind in the ball-handling pecking order. KAT is currently averaging more assists than Teague this season. KAT has been hovering around 2 assists per game since he began league since 2015 season, but last year he averaged over 3.4 assists. We can assume he averages 5+ assists per game this current season. Coach Ryan Saunders has urged him to distribute the ball more.

"It's really fun to have the ball in my hands where I am able to do things I've been doing since high school, which is be an elite passer," Towns said. "That's really where my comfortability in my game comes if I'm not able to score." Karl-Anthony Towns

Sniper Watch

Saunders wants the Wolves to run a faster offense and to take more 3's. That is a polar opposite style of what Tom Thibodeau used to orchestrate. The 3-point shots are coming in bulk for Towns to open up the season. He's currently averaging 5 3PT shots made per game. That number will inevitable decrease, but KAT has averaged more 3-pointers made each year, and he should go on to average at least 2-2.5 this year.

Free Throw Percentage Off

Shooting a putrid 63% doesn't hold KAT back from being a #1 overall in fantasy in 9-category leagues, currently. Likewise, he's shooting a high volume of 9 attempts a game presently. Imagine when that percentage stabilizes back to around the low-mid 80% range. Therefore, it also gives us a possible indication that his FT attempts will be more than the 5.8 attempts he took last year. The current 3 steals per game he is currently averaging that KAT has isn't sustainable and will regress this season. In conclusion, we can be assured that the Karl-Anthony Towns Dynasty outlook is looking great for this year and for the long term.

Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you guys. What would you like for us to write next?

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